Feasibility Studies and Property Condition Assessments

The first step in MEP Engineering isn’t always putting pencil to paper (or should we say to computer.) Owners often need to understand the feasibility of a project and its viability versus capital expense. Our experienced engineering team has performed hundreds of comprehensive pre-design assessments on all types of project types.

We assess the existing equipment’s condition, its actual remaining lifespan, and its compliance with current codes. Our detailed reports examine the pros and cons and options for replacing the equipment including the cost. Allen + Shariff can help building owners make informed decisions on when and how to replace or upgrade systems to make a project viable. Can this three-story office building be converted into wet laboratory space? We can help to answer!

Likewise, prior to purchasing or selling properties, owner and development teams need to understand the assets they are working with. Allen + Shariff’s property condition assessments provide the peace of mind necessary for these teams to make informed decisions. These detailed assessments include analysis of the MEP systems installed, the condition of the MEP systems, code compliancy, estimated remaining life of the systems, and order of magnitude costs (where requested).

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