What a Year It’s Been

2018 was a year of celebration. From connecting with partners old and new to delving into photos from our past (some of which we may wish never surfaced), Allen & Shariff has thoroughly enjoyed this time to reflect, reconnect, and recommit to moving forward with integrity and excellence. Thanks to our team, friends, and clients that trust us to do our best for them.

As we wrap up a landmark year, here’s a look back at how we commemorated a quarter of a century.

The Relationships that Got Us Here

It was important to us to celebrate with the clients, partners, and companies that have been an integral part of our success. We wanted to say thank you with a gift, by sharing a meal together, and taking the chance to put them in the spotlight. Read about the people and organizations – the foundational relationships we’re proud to be a part of – here.

Our History in Pictures
Funny, meaningful, historic – we combed through 25 years-worth of photos and memorabilia to share images that tell the story of Allen & Shariff. From important building projects to past team members, new offices and embarrassing photos of leadership, we didn’t hold back. Check out the full album here.

A Legacy Built by the Best, with the Best
Over the years, we’ve built a highly skilled, dedicated team committed to our clients, to producing the highest-caliber work, and to serving the communities our projects are a part of. As our team has evolved over time, we’ve become stronger year by year—and our people have been the foundation.

Together with our trusted friends and partners in the industry, we’ve been able to accomplish great things. Our business has always been built on relationships. Here are some of the things our friends have said about working with Allen & Shariff.

  • “Together we have strived to provide our clients the very best in professional design consultation; seeking, as a team, to add considerable value to each of the building projects we’ve been a part of.” Michael Wigley, Davis Bowen Friedel
  • “We’ve pushed each other to be better, and, having worked with and for each other over the years, we have a mutual respect for what each team member brings to the table.” Brad Hastings, Becker Morgan
  •  “The industry continues to become increasingly complicated, but the importance of relationships has never changed. Zack Shariff has been much more than a colleague, he is a long-time friend.” Ravi Waldon, Waldon Studio
  • “Allen & Shariff has always felt like part of our design universe.” Tom Liebel, Moseley Architects
  • “It was clear that Zack was a person you could have a long-term relationship with, someone you could trust and work with. When you own a business, the best way to grow that business is to hire individuals smarter and more talented than yourself. I could see that in the Allen & Shariff team.” Alan Cuteri, Strada
  • “We decided to work with Allen & Shariff because of the relationships. Through easy jobs and tough clients, their people are always great to interact with.” Christopher Pless, NEXT Architecture
  • “We always look for knowledgeable consultants that believe in team work. Allen & Shariff is made up of very qualified individuals focused on meeting the client’s needs.” Jeffrey Downes, Salisbury University
  • “It’s great to work with people that you trust, that you know will do a great job, and that are going to give you 110%.” Sheri Spoharski, The Design Alliance Architects
  • “We had some issues coordinating HVAC contractors and subs on our cafeteria and lobby renovations. At times, it was very contentious. A&S was willing to take on the problem solving and hard conversations to get the right outcome.” Kim Justice, Atlantic General Hospital

Thanks to everyone that celebrated with us in 2018. Here’s to what’s next!

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