Keeping It Real with Amanda King

The Keeping it Real series is your chance to hear from Allen & Shariff staff on life, lessons, and leadership, straight from the trenches. Sometimes literally.

Name: Amanda King, CAD Operator
Office: Dover, DE
Years at Allen & Shariff: 10 months

What aspect of your personality most contributes to you being good in your specific role?

What do you love about design?
Being able to create something from scratch.

Describe something from your past (school, work experience, a mentor) that most influenced you to become a CAD operator.
I love to sketch and draw. In high school, they offered CAD as a new class when I was a sophomore and I was one of the first students to take it and I loved it. For me being able to draw on the computer was just another way to do something I loved.

Delaware weather: Love it or hate it?
I love it here! One of the reasons I moved here from NY.

Allen & Shariff is about to celebrate its 25th anniversary. What do you think has given this organization its staying power?
Dedication and client relationships.

What’s the single most important ingredient when it comes to a successful client relationship?
Listening to the client and paying attention to detail. And detail doesn’t have to pertain to a job—it could be remembering what they told you in a casual conversation (ie: birthdays, kids’ names, where they were going on vacation and then asking them about it). Little things go a long way with a person.

How would you describe the company culture at Allen & Shariff?
Professional, friendly, and positive.

If Allen & Shariff were a car, what kind of car would it be and why?
Audi R8—I am a huge supporter of Audi and the R8 is a supercar that delivers power, innovation, and design.

What book(s) are on your nightstand right now?
No books on my nightstand. I sometimes wish I had time to relax and sit down to read a book. I have an array of hobbies and there are just not enough hours in the day to do everything. After work, my time is consumed with my family, horseback riding, hunting, and fishing.

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