UPMC Magee Hospital Deaerator Replacement

Allen + Shariff provided engineering services to replace an existing deaerator tank that served three 750 boiler horsepower (BHP) boilers that serve the entirety of Magee-Women’s Hospital. The deaerator’s job is to remove oxygen from the water to make the entering water to the boiler less corrosive, effectively creating a longer life and better operation of the boiler plant for facility personnel. It also preheats the water to increase boiler efficiency.

This project also included adding a second surge tank to handle condensate flow in the hospital. In addition to this, emergency backup pumps were added to the system to allow the users to operate from only the surge tanks in the event of an emergency. This would allow the plant to continue operations, should the deaerator need servicing. The setup also installed piping so that the original surge tank could be replaced, while the newly installed surge tank could handle the facility load.

Project Details

Client: UPMC Magee Hospital

Square Footage: 1,000

Services: MEP Engineering