Millsboro Police Station Assessment

Allen + Shariff performed a facilities assessment of the current Town Center to be converted into the future police station. The 20,000 SF facility underwent a major renovation and addition in 2012. The 12K project included MEP survey, general condition assessment, recommendation for system improvements or replacement, and an estimated cost of construction.

Existing MEP system observations included the following:

  • Site and Exterior; electrical service, lightning protection, lighting, emergency and exit lighting.
  • Interior electrical; distribution and sub panels, branch circuitry, lighting, fixtures, switching/lighting controls, emergency and exit lighting, receptacles, and sub feeds.
  • Fire alarm, security, and communication systems.
  • HVAC; rooftop AC units, thermostats, carbon dioxide detectors, duct smoke detectors, electric heaters, exhaust fans, ceiling fans, air outlets, and testing and balancing report.
  • Plumbing; water heater, lavatories and hand sinks, roof storm drainage, and building gas service.
  • Fire Protection/Sprinkler system.

Project Details

Client: Davis, Bowen & Freidel Inc

Square Footage: 20,000

Services: Facility Assessment

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