Hannon Armstrong

Allen + Shariff provided MEP engineering design services for this 19,400 SF renovation. The $3.7M project involved Class A office space on the majority of the second floor of One Park Place, Annapolis, MD. The design and construction were required to be done in two phases due to a former tenant occupying a portion of the space through the first phase of construction. The project included a base building analysis and is slated for LEED Silver Certification upon construction completion.

Each floor of the building has two main air handling units, with two main medium pressure supply ducts running from each. The majority of the VAV boxes had to be relocated to accommodate the open-to-structure design implemented in the build-out. Existing medium pressure ductwork was left in place as much as possible, due to it being routed through the framed structural beams. UV lights were added to the main supply ductwork for pathogen control measures. All ductwork downstream of VAV boxes is new, and where exposed it is spiral with duct mounted registers.

The repurposed, multi-phased office tenant project design consisted of existing domestic and sanitary systems that were modified to accommodate new pantry additions, green wall, and aquarium features. Hot water is tank type and point of use water heaters strategically situated to ensure the timely delivery of hot water to all the fixtures. Fixtures were selected by architect to be incorporated into the pantry design. Sprinkler piping was heavily modified to allow the “cloud” architectural ceiling elements and lighting.

Two phase Tenant Buildout consisting of reusing existing 480Y/277V 3Ø/4W and 208Y/120V 3Ø/4W infrastructure. Phase 1 provided new 30kVA 480V UPS system to support tenant IT and AV infrastructure. New LED lighting, networked lighting controls, and systems furniture power infrastructure was provided to serve tenant requirements. LED lighting consisted of a combination of recessed, pendant, and surface mount decorative lighting in suspended acoustical ceilings, and areas open to structure. Multipurpose room with movable partitions was provided with lighting and Frisco lighting controls to control each space independently, or the entire space as one entity. New fire alarm was provided throughout to support the new tenant space and connected back to existing building fire alarm system. Phase 2 was designed to seamlessly integrate into phase 1 with minimal interruption and demolition of new work in phase 1.

Project Details

Client: Alliance Architecture

Square Footage: 19,400

Services: MEP Engineering

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