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Anyone facing a cancer diagnosis hopes for the best care and the most comfortable treatment possible. For residents outside a major city where many treatment centers are located, this often means making repeated long trips from home to more metropolitan areas – adding more weight to an already heavy burden. Thankfully, because of the advances in medical knowledge, care, and treatment over the past 20 years, those difficult trips are no longer an automatic part of a treatment program. A trend toward creating regional cancer treatment centers has helped push sophisticated critical care out from the cities to towns and outlying areas that need them most. Read the full post →

Our Virtual Lunch & Learn blog series explores a specific topic adapted from our most popular Allen & Shariff Lunch and Learn courses.

You know the benefits of geothermal heating and cooling – it’s clean, renewable, and sustainable, and offers significant cost savings over time. If you’re considering a geothermal HVAC solution, here are three things to consider before investing in a system. Read the full post →

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