Kuala Lumpur Court Complex

Project Details:
City, State:Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Size:1,000,000 sq. ft.
Sector(s):LEED & Green Program
Service(s) Performed:Green & Energy Consultng

Provided an energy study which included a review of the building’s construction features, historical energy costs, as well as discussions with the prime energy equipment suppliers/manufacturers to determine alternatives that are more efficient.

The courthouse property has eight stories above ground and two levels below ground, and contains approximately one million square feet.

The purpose of this energy study is to provide KMKL with a baseline of energy usage and the relative energy efficiency of the facility and specific recommendations for energy conservation measures. Information obtained from these analyses may be used to support a future application to the Malaysian Energy Conservation Program or Green BuildingInitiative to support performance contracting, justify bond funded improvements, or as a basis for replacement of equipment or systems.

The approach taken in this energy study begins with a benchmarking analysis of the building and associated systems by:

  • Identifying energy efficiency opportunities and developing an energy model
  • Evaluating measures such as net present value and greenhouse gas savings
  • Creating packages that maximize net present value and CO2 savings
  • Model iteratively the energy and financial modeling to identify final recommendations

The next phase of the High Performance Building Audit is an on-site, visual assessment to determine current conditions, itemize the energy consuming equipment (i.e. air conditioning, fans and blowers), review lighting systems (both exterior and interior), and review the efficiency of all such equipment. The study also includes interviews and consultation with the operational and maintenance personnel. The following is a summary of the tasks and reporting that make up the High Performance Building portion of the report.

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