Howard County Circuit Courthouse

Allen + Shariff provided MEP and LEED Commissioning services to Howard County for the construction of a new 238,000 square foot circuit court house. Systems commissioned for the project included HVAC & R equipment and controls, electrical service, distribution, emergency generator, uninterruptible power sources (UPS), lighting and controls, and plumbing systems for domestic water systems, hot water systems, gas service, fire protection systems, pumps and controls. Security systems were also added, including AV/IT systems and renewable energy systems in accordance with ASHRAE guidelines as they relate to energy, water, indoor environmental quality, and durability.

In addition to the Fundamental Commissioning of building systems, Allen & Shariff provided LEED v4 Enhanced Commissioning. Services provided pursuant to Enhanced Commissioning include verification reviews of design documents, review of contractor submittals, verification of operator and occupant training, verification of seasonal testing, and review of building operations 10 months after substantial completion.

Project Details

Client: Edgemore-Star America Judicial Partners , LLC

Square Footage: 238,000

Services: Commissioning

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