Dental Clinic at Building 1370

Project Details:
City, State:NAS Patuxent River, MD
Sector(s):Healthcare, Tenant Renovations, U.S. Federal
Service(s) Performed:General Contracting

Allen & Shariff furnished all labor, materials and equipment necessary to complete the design/build project which consisted of major repairs to the Dental Clinic in Building 1370. The entire existing Dental Clinic is being replaced within its current footprint within Building 1370, with its own dedicated HVAC system. Scope included the following:

Temporary Facilities

  • Provided temporary (leased) dental clinic and administrative support trailers, along with all furnishings and equipment in the adjacent parking lot to allow the uninterrupted operation of the dental clinic during the renovation.
  • Provided storage for dental clinic furnishings and equipment scheduled for re-use in the renovated facility.
  • Provided relocation services to and from temporary facilities.

Isolate and Secure Dental Clinic work area:

  • Provided permanent, vapor-proof, and dust-proof separation between the dental clinic and adjacent areas.
  • Prepared an industrial hygiene plan covering all demolition and construction activities.
  • Obtained approval from the Clinic Infectious Disease Control Officer, Clinic Industrial Hygienist, and other local authorities having jurisdiction.
  • Complied with approved industrial hygiene plan during all demolition and construction activities.

New Rooftop HVAC Units

  • Provided separate rooftop HVAC units for the Dental Clinic, Pediatrics, and Wellness & fitness areas.
  • Removed abandoned mechanical equipment and provided related mechanical and electrical connections and structural support as required for

New Dental Clinic

  • Provided full design package with an efficient layout to include ergonomic and functional spaces and equipment.
  • Performed complete interior demolition of existing Building 1370 Dental Clinic spaces. Limited interior demolition in adjacent spaces was required for reconfigured mechanical systems.
  • Furnished and installed all new complete electrical, mechanical, and fire protection systems.
  • Furnished and installed all new superstructure, and interior finishes.
  • Furnished and installed new equipment and complete FF&E package.
  • Provided miscellaneous repairs.
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