White Paper: Meeting Code & Keeping Healthcare Workers Safe

Building codes. They’re important standards that almost all industries have to meet in order to keep people safe, remain efficient, and ensure an environmentally conscious setting. Codes are constantly evolving in order to stay ahead of trends, right size issues, and account for changing environments. These changes often have compounding effects—from prompting slight updates to warranting major redesigns and, in the most extreme cases, rebuilds.

A major code change (or a change in the interpretation or enforcement of a code) hits hospitals in particular every few years, causing many hospitals to rush to make the necessary updates to meet the code requirements. Allen & Shariff has partnered with several hospitals to not only ensure they get up to code when a change occurs, but also to help them stay on top of trends and a step ahead of future changes. A recent hot button issue concerning hospital code is how in-hospital pharmacies handle hazardous drugs (HDs) such as chemotherapy medications. While the code in question is extensive and has implications in areas beyond MEP engineering design, here’s everything you need to know from an MEP standpoint.

Download the full white paper.

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