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Allen & Shariff Engineering, Pittsburgh – Plumbing Merit Badge

Greg Torchia and Tom Taylor, of Allen & Shariff Engineering’s Pittsburgh office, joined forces with other members of the Pittsburgh Chapter of the American Society of Plumbing Engineers by giving back to the community and teaching young Boy Scouts Plumbing 101 during one of their merit badge sessions.

Plumbing Merit Badge Requirements

1. Do the following:

  • Describe how a properly working plumbing system protects our family’s health and safety.
  • List five important local health regulations related to plumbing and tell how they protect health and safety.
  • Describe the safety precautions you must take when making home plumbing repairs.

2. Do the following:

  • Make a drawing and explain how a home hot- and cold- water supply system works. Tell how you would make it safe from freezing.
  • Make a drawing and explain the drainage system of the plumbing in a house. Show and explain the use of drains and vents.

3. Show how to use five important plumber’s tools.

4. Identify and describe the use of each of the following: washer, retaining nut, plunger (rubber force cup), solder, flux, elbow, tee, nipple, coupling, plug, union, trap, drainpipe, and water meter.

5. Name the kinds of pipe that are used most often in a plumbing system. Explain why these pipes are used.

6. Cut, thread, and connect two pieces of steel pipe.

7. Under the supervision of a knowledgeable adult, solder three copper tube connections using a gas torch. Include one tee, two straight pieces, and one coupling.

8. Do the following:

  • Replace a washer in a faucet.
  • Clean out a sink or lavatory trap.

Greg Torchia (far left) and Tom Taylor (far right) Allen & Shariff Engineering, Pittsburgh

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