Allen and Shariff – Executive Promotions

Allen and Shariff On Jan 1st 2013, Allen & Shariff announced its restructured leadership team and a series of executive promotions — reflective of the company’s commitment to build and maintain a strong and dynamic management team across its unique portfolio of businesses. The executives promoted are Mary Cannon, David Jackson, Diane McCloskey, Anthony Molinaro, David Price, Donald Beyer, and Gregorio Torchia.

“Along with attracting world-class talent from outside the company, one of my top priorities is growing Allen & Shariff’s existing leadership team,” said Zack Shariff, Chief Executive Officer of Allen & Shariff Corporation. “Each of these executives will play a critical role in leading Allen & Shariff into the future, creating a culture of excellence and help position the company for continued sustainable, focused and managed global growth. Today’s promotions are a result of their ability to think strategically on a global scale, the respect they’ve earned from their peers, clients and partners, and their significant contributions to the company.”

William Allen, the Founding Partner and President of Allen & Shariff Corporation and Allen & Shariff Engineering, LLC has announced his retirement, but will continue to serve in an active and important role as Founder and Advisor.

The executives promoted now hold these titles and responsibilities:

Allen & Shariff Corporation

Mary CannonMary Cannon, CPA – President. Mary will be responsible for all business operations, corporate governance and outreach at Allen & Shariff Corporation.  Mary was previously Chief Operating Officer/Chief Financial Officer at Allen & Shariff Corporation.


David Jackson Allen & ShariffDavid Jackson – Chief Operating Officer. Dave will be responsible for Engineering, Construction, Abu Dhabi branch, Human Resources, IT, and Business Development.  Dave previously held the position of Vice President of Business Development for Allen & Shariff Corporation.


Diane McCloskey Allen & ShariffDiane McCloskey, CPA – Chief Financial Officer.  Diane will be responsible for finance, payroll and accounting.  She was previously Controller of Allen & Shariff Corporation.


Allen & Shariff Engineering, LLC

Anthony Molinaro Allen & ShariffAnthony E. Molinaro, P.E. – President.  Tony will be in charge of Allen and Shariff Engineering, LLC, which currently has offices in Columbia, MD, Salisbury, MD and Pittsburgh, PA and for identifying other growth opportunities for Allen & Shariff Engineering.  He was previously Senior Vice President of Allen & Shariff Engineering – Pittsburgh.


David Price Allen & ShariffDonald Beyer Allen & ShariffGreg Torchio Allen & ShariffDavid C. Price, P.E. – Senior Vice President, Donald K. Beyer, P.E. – Vice President and Gregorio P. Torchia –Vice President – Pittsburgh Engineering Office.  Dave, Donald, and Gregorio will be accountable for the performance of the Pittsburgh office and insure its success and growth.  All three were in senior leadership positions in the Pittsburgh Office.


Company Information

Allen & Shariff provides an array of engineering, construction, and project management services to clients in a variety of locations all over the world. Allen & Shariff services include MEP Design, Commissioning, General Contracting, Project Management, Green & Energy Consulting, and Construction Financing. Bill Allen and Zack Shariff founded Allen & Shariff in 1993 as an engineering consulting firm based in Columbia, MD. The company has evolved into a global construction services provider. The skills of our people, our proven sub-consultants, and our commitment to quality service and client satisfaction make the Allen & Shariff team a valued and trusted partner.

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