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LEDs are devices that produce light through the movement of electrons in a semi-conductor material. They are made of inorganic material (non-carbon-based) and OLED are made of organic, carbon-based material. As LEDs emit light through electron movement, they do not contain a filament that will burn out. However, the rated lumens of LEDs will depreciate with use, in other words LEDs get progressively dimmer with time. Additionally, unlike standard incandescent light bulbs, LEDs do not emit heat as infrared radiation, therefore generated heat is removed from the device through conduction or convection.

What is the expected life of an LED lamp? 

As LEDs do not contain a filament, high quality LEDs are expected to last 30,000 to 50,000 hours, or longer, whereas a typical compact flourscent lamps (CFL) usually lasts around 10,000 hours and a typical incandescant lamp will approximately last 1,000 hour. A lamp expected life is derived based on the anticipated number of lamp operating hours before the lamp emits only 70 percent of its initial light output. 

LEDCost Light Emitting Diodes?

Cossts and quality of LED lighting products vary as LED technology continues to advance, and high quality LED products have a considerable cost premium, in comparison to CFL and incandescent lamps. However, the prices of LED lamps are decreasing dramatically with the steady increase in LED research and commerical product offerings. For instance, from 2010 to 2011 the average price of warm white LED packages decreased from $18 to $12 per thousand lumens, and the DOE expects prices to further drop to $2 per thousand lumens by 2015.

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