25 Reasons Why Allen & Shariff Is a Great Place to Work

What’s so great about working at Allen & Shariff? In addition to what you’ve seen in our job postings and on our website, here are 25 more reasons why working here is the best. And by the way, we picked “25” because we are officially celebrating our 25th year in business. Want to join a winning team? Read the list below and then let’s talk.

  1. Great people. We know our stuff, we know the industry, and we know how to have fun.
  2. Professional growth. Get a chance to learn from others outside your area of expertise.
  3. Cool projects. From billion-dollar hospitals to football stadiums.
  4. Office parties. Maybe even with some Halloween-themed meatloaf skeletons.
  5. Chef Zack. He’s the boss, and he might even cook you something.
  6. Large format printing. Yeah, we can print that.
  7. Solid teams. We attack a problem and work on it together until it’s solved.
  8. Back office support. From HR to Operations, we’ve got you covered.
  9. Cool swag. Earbuds, golf jerseys, construction pencils. Work here and it’s free for you.
  10. Great clients. We have some of the best clients out there. We call them friends.
  11. History. You get to join a team 25 years in the making. That’s a lot of exciting history.
  12. Knowledge. You’ll learn something new every day. Come ready to soak it up.
  13. Multiple offices. Even one in Dubai. How cool is that?
  14. Mentorship. Get career guidance and insights from folks that have seen a thing or two.
  15. Hard hats. They’re just cool. And you can have one.
  16. Awards. We win them consistently because of our amazing staff.
  17. Zelienople. We have an office there. It’s north of Pittsburgh. And it’s really fun to say.
  18. Benefits. It’s important to us to take care of our staff, and we do.
  19. Flexibility. We adapt your work schedule and rhythm to what you need. Even if it changes.
  20. Orange: It’s a great color and we’ve got a ton of it going on. Even in our logo.
  21. Ownership. We hire great people and let them run. If you want to own it, it’s yours.
  22. Bowling. That’s right, we bowl. You can like other sports too if you want though.
  23. Shared passions. Whether it’s the Penguins or the Ravens, you’ve got people here.
  24. Room to grow. New positions, promotions, and opportunities. We want to see you advance.
  25. YOU. YOU, the dedicated, talented team member we haven’t hired yet, are why we’re going to thrive in the future.

Think you have what it takes to join the Allen & Shariff team? Check out all our current positions and then send your resume to careers@allenshariff.com.

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