As Allen & Shariff celebrates a quarter of a century in business, we pause to acknowledge the foundation of our success—you. From talented employees to dedicated partners to valued clients, it has been our privilege to share these 25 years with you. Here’s to what’s next.



To our valued team and clients,

Our 25th year in business is a time to acknowledge where we’ve been, celebrate where we are, and look forward to where we’re headed. We never would have reached this milestone without the clients, partners, and friends that we have come to cherish and rely on.

Longevity in business doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Staying power and success are built on years of business connections and personal bonds. We owe our 25 years in business to the friendships cultivated with clients and colleagues. As we take 2018 to reminisce, reflect, and celebrate, let me invite you to join us. And let me start with some important words: Thank You. Thank you for supporting, growing, learning, and succeeding with us. We wouldn’t be here without you.

Zack Shariff


25 Milestones in 25 Years

9,125 days. That’s a lot of projects, events, and moments, especially when you move as fast as we do. We’ve expanded in employee size and branch numbers, invested in our local communities and taken our business overseas. Take a look at this 25 milestones blog for some of the most memorable moments in our last 25 years.

Throwback Photo Album

Each week we’re adding some of the best, most interesting, and downright amusing photos from our last 25 years. To see how our offices have evolved, view fun work events, look at some of our best projects, and get a look at key team members when they were much younger, check out the album here on Facebook. Check back often for updates!


Join the Best

We’ve built a highly skilled, dedicated team committed to building lasting client relationships, producing the highest-caliber work, and serving the communities our projects are a part of. We have intentionally created an environment of collaboration, professional development, and healthy work-life integration. And we like to have fun, too! Want to be part of the next 25 years? Join the Allen & Shariff team and be part of something great.


Foundational Relationships

You can make a lot of friends in 25 years. We’ve been privileged to develop strong relationships with the businesses we’ve partnered with, both professionally and personally. We have included our valued friends and partners in our anniversary celebration by taking the time to express just how much they mean to us, and to share with you a little bit about who they are. Read all of our Foundational Relationships interviews and get to know the people we are proud to call partners.


“A leader takes people where they want to go. A great leader takes people where they don’t necessarily want to go, but ought to be.”



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