Torchio Office Building

Project Details:
Client:Gregory Torchio, AIA
City, State:Centreville, MD
Country:United States
Size:6,370 sq. ft.
Sector(s):LEED & Green Program, Renewable Energy
Service(s) Performed:Commissioning, Design/Engineer, Green & Energy Consultng

This three story office building was designed to maximize energy efficiency and to obtain a LEED Silver rating or better.  The office building was designed for a local architect as a model of what could be done.  While still under construction the energy savings above ASHRAE 90.1 baseline were calculated at 59%.   These savings were obtained through a combination of high efficiency geothermal water source heat pumps, a de-superheater to recover free pre-heating for the domestic hot water system, ventilation through an energy recovery ventilator, occupancy & daylighting sensors, energy efficient lighting, variable speed drives, high wall & roof insulation R-values and low-E windows, building orientation and overhangs designed for energy conservation.

The Torchio Building uses 50 percent less energy than a conventionally built building of the same size because of the use of increased insulation, geothermal heating and cooling, the use of natural daylight whenever possible and a light control system that only allows electric lights to be used when spaces are occupied and when natural light is not available.  Additionally, the building is designed to use only half the water used by a conventional building of similar size. Recycling, reuse and reduction of building materials waste reduced landfill deposits from this construction project by 50 percent.

Allen & Shariff provided MEP Design & Commissioning Services for this office building

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