Keeping It Real with Alpha Sallah

The Keeping it Real series is your chance to hear from Allen & Shariff staff on life, lessons, and leadership, straight from the trenches. Sometimes literally.

Name and Title: Alpha Sallah, Mechanical Designer
Office location: Columbia Headquarters
Years at Allen & Shariff: 1 year

What’s the one skill that you would say is essential to being a great designer?
Empathy. Not the sunshine and rainbows connotation of empathy, but the ability to step back and look at a problem from various perspectives in order to solve it in a wholistic manner. For one, this centers the design around the building occupant. The designer should assess how every decision will affect the health, comfort, and mental well-being of those who will spend time in the building. Two, empathy helps team relations because the designer will keep an open mind to suggestions and compromise. This cooperation allows a team to flourish and maximizes productivity. Read the full post →

Our Virtual Lunch & Learn blog series explores a specific topic adapted from our most popular Allen & Shariff Lunch and Learn courses.

Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) systems are an increasingly popular option for commercial builders seeking out an energy-efficient HVAC solution. These systems are incredibly efficient, they occupy minimal space, and they offer quiet outdoor condensing units. Though there can be a higher initial cost, and finding qualified installation contractors can be a challenge since there are no VRF manufacturers in the United States, the benefits often outweigh the drawbacks for this desirable, high-end option. Allen & Shariff’s experienced designers and engineers understand VRF systems, their benefits, and how to integrate them into a building project. Read the full post →

Keeping It Real with the Middle East Project Management Consulting Team

The Keeping It Real series is your chance to hear from Allen & Shariff staff on life, lessons, and leadership, straight from the trenches. This time around, it’s a little different. We’re interviewing some of our Middle East team that worked on the Al Ain Hospital project, pictured above. Read their individual answers and learn more […]

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Why Go Green? The Business Case for LEED Certification

LEED® certification is no secret to anyone in the building industry. It’s become an industry standard, especially with our society’s focus on sustainable living. But is it just a trend, or does green building and LEED® certification really make sense, from a sustainability and profitability perspective? There is a strong business case for green building. […]

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25 Milestones for 25 Years

It’s a big year at Allen & Shariff. 2018 is the 25-year-anniversary of the company’s founding—25 years of growth, learning, and building excellence. As part of our year-long anniversary celebration, we’ve identified 25 milestones that have grounded us through the years and allowed us to grow, building on each new accomplishment to reach our next […]

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How to Save a Life in 90 Minutes: Behind the Scenes with Allen & Shariff’s UPMC Cath Lab Renovation

Imagine you or a loved one being rushed to the emergency room because of a heart attack. The last thing you would want to hear is that the closest local hospital doesn’t have the facilities you need. Thankfully, if you live in New Castle, PA, that’s not the case. Allen & Shariff helped complete an […]

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Not Just Fun and Games: Allen & Shariff Takes Community Investment Seriously

Allen & Shariff’s Salisbury branch was an enthusiastic participant in the Salisbury Sunrise Rotary Bubble Ball Family Fun Day, sponsoring the event and fielding a team. Allen & Shariff took home 2nd place in a 17-team bracket, losing in sudden death overtime to the Salisbury University rugby team. Proceeds from the event benefitted the Salisbury […]

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Congratulations to Team Members Patrick Giordano and James Hunt on Their Recent Professional Certifications

  Allen & Shariff would like to recognize two of our team members, James Hunt of the Columbia office and Patrick Giordano of the Salisbury office, for successfully receiving new professional certifications. Patrick Giordano received certification as a Certified Fire Protection Specialist (CFPS), which denotes individuals engaged in curtailing physical and financial loss due to […]

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